Stay: A Girl, A Dog, A Bucket List

by Kate Klise (Author), M. Sarah Klise (Illustrator)

Eli and Astrid are friends. They’ve been friends ever since Astrid was brought home from hospital. But as Astrid grows, she notices her best friend growing old faster than she is. She commences a bucket list to ensure that they make wonderful memories together before Eli gets too old.

Stay: A Girl, A Dog, A Bucket List, is a beautiful way of introducing children to aging and impending death without touching too strongly upon the fact of death itself (Eli himself does not die in the book, though the eventuality is pre-empted). As a preparation for the loss of much-loved pets or aging family members and friends, the story strikes the sweet spot between simplicity, emotionality and love – as well as making the most of the precious moments in our lives.