Sometimes I’m Bombaloo

by Rachel Vail, illustrated by Yumi Heo

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo is one of those beautiful books that is pitched perfectly to the interior life and creativity of kids. Katie is a good little girl – but sometimes, when a little thing or a collection of little things happen, she turns into BOMBALOO!

Bombaloo is a monster who wants to hit people, make angry noises and is never sorry. Bombaloo comes with a bang, and when he goes, Katie’s mother understands and helps her to make amends to her little brother.

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo is a warm and non-judgemental story about the tempers that can sometimes overcome a child, and provides a helpful framework for helping children to see their occasional surrender to the monster within as something they can address with time, a freeing from excessive guilt, and the support of the adults around them.


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