by Alison McGhee (Author), Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)

Another New York Times Bestseller, Someday is a lovely sentimental look at the love of a parent for their child as the child grows. Its pages traverse a lifetime, where a parent watches and loves their child as he or she grows from a baby to a child; from a child to an adult; and even into old age, that child always sensing the love of the parent reading, which exists over space and time, and lives eternally in memories.

Someday is a real tear-jerker. It is told poetically, with beautiful resonance, and allows a parent to feel the strength of the deep emotions that being a parent can evoke. As for a child, while they may be unaware, to the same degree, of the profoundness of the story before going through the path themselves, it remains a beautifully touching and special story with much beauty with which to create reading memories.


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