Michael Rosen’s Sad Book

by Michael Rosen (Author), Quentin Blake (Illustrator)

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book was written by a father on the loss of his older son, and so the story must come with the proviso that it may be a little advanced for early readers who are not ready for discussions about the death of a child.

What the book does do beautifully is discuss feelings of sadness, in all its forms, in a way that is original, touching and above all, honest. The narrator smiles sometimes even though he feels sad, because he thinks people won’t like him if he doesn’t. Sometimes he feels angry at his son who has died. Sometimes he doesn’t want to talk about it. Sometimes he does things just because, and he can’t explain why.

Illustrated by the classic children’s illustrator Quentin Blake, Micheal Rosen’s Sad Book is exquisitely accurate at capturing the fluctuating and inexplicable emotions of grief, giving comfort that humans grieve in very different ways, and demonstrating the beauty and humanity of our responses to loss.


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