I Loved You Before You Were Born Board Book: A Love Letter from Grandma

This emotional picture book is a love-letter from a grandmother to her grandchild, talking about all the things she imagined about her baby grandchild before he or she was born, and the many moments of pleasure she anticipated, from seeing the baby’s fingers grasp for the sky, to watching the parents’ joy at meeting their child for the first time.

I Loved You Before You Were Born is illustrated with realistic illustrations that linger upon the newborn moments of a child’s life, and as such, would make a beautiful gift from a grandparent on the birth of their grandchild, to be enjoyed over the years as the child grows and understands his or her place in the family. It resonates with great honesty and love, and is told very much from a grandparents’ perspective, all the while emphasizing how very much loved, awaited-for and cherished the grandchild is in the family.

“Just right for sharing on Grandma’s lap.” Publishers Weekly


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