Cry, Heart, But Never Break

by Glenn Ringtved (Author), Charlotte Pardi (Illustrator), Robert Moulthrop (Translator)

Cry, Heart, But Never Break is a translated story by well-loved Danish writer Glenn Ringtved that has found itself a place world over for explaining death to children in a way that is direct and yet poised with acceptance and generosity.

When Death comes to the door to visit four children’s grandmother, they try to distract him with cups of coffee at the kitchen table. A sympathetic and gentle Death explains to the children why death must come, pairing sorrow with joy, grief with delight, and eventually, after a respectful discussion, the children grow to accept his visit and the passing of their grandmother.

Although the illustrations can be confronting to some readers, Death is portrayed as a highly sympathetic figure who does his work not through malice, but through respect and understanding of life. Many readers around the world have found comfort in the direct way that death is introduced to children, and the intelligence and maturity with which they themselves are portrayed as characters within this story.



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