Feel Good Fairy Tales Volume 1

Feel Good Fairy Tales are fairy tales with all the scary bits gone!

Love Cinderella, but don’t want to have your child think that they need a sparkly dress to see their wishes come true?

Love Little Red Riding Hood, but prefer your child not to be scared that Grandma is a wolf?

Love The Princess and the Pea, but want your child to know there’s more to life than being a Princess?

Welcome, Feel-Good Fairy Tales! Feel-Good Fairy Tales are stories for younger readers, with all the good bits left in… and all the bad bits taken out!

This book is a collection of three of Storyberries’ famous Feel-Good Fairy Tales stories: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and The Princess and the Pea.

It is a Storyberries picture book, and each of the Feel-Good Fairy Tales can be read free online in digital format at Storyberries.com

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Andrea Kaczmarek, Jade Maitre

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Andrea Kaczmarek, Jade Maitre