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Good-Night-Yoga--A-Pose-by-Pose-Bedtime-Story- Book Cover

Goodnight Yoga – A Pose by Pose Bedtime Story

By Mariam Gates, illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder

With a gentle rhythmic repetition of the words as I breathe in, as I breathe out… Goodnight Yoga – A Pose by Pose Bedtime Story takes a child on a gentle pre-bedtime yoga routine designed to stretch out tired muscles after a long day of playing, centering themselves and relaxing themselves before going to bed.

The poses are uncomplicated and brightly illustrated, and have child-friendly names based on animals and bedtime imagery (stars, moons and more…) For children who may find going to sleep difficult after the excitement of a full day, Goodnight Yoga – A Pose by Pose Bedtime Story offers a different method for relaxing your child in the form of a bedtime story.

What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

What To Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kids Guide To Overcoming Anxiety

What To Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide To Overcoming Anxiety is a helpful book for middle-grade readers to recognise and understand feelings of anxiety in themselves, and manage how much energy they give to ‘growing’ their feelings of anxiety.

Told in the easy and approachable style of a self-help manual for school-aged children, the book is an engaging and useful look at how anxiety manifests in all of us. This practical book allows children to identify and visualise their anxieties, and to start thinking about strategies to help them overcome anxiety at the seed, before they become an overgrown garden.

Grumpy Bird

Grumpy Bird

 by Jeremy Tankard

Grumpy Bird is a funny story about a little bird who just wants to be left alone to walk… but his friends can’t resist walking beside him!

The story is a great illustration of how sometimes, just a little company and some sharing of our troubles can make a grumpy person feel better. Grumpy bird will especially appeal to little readers, who may laugh at the surprising ending, as well as of course the very grumpy expression of the story’s protagonist.

Open Very Carefully (ANIMAL)

Open Very Carefully

by Nick Bromley

What would you do if you were settling down for a quiet bedtime story and you realised that a crocodile had fallen into your storybook and was – not to put too fine a point on it – furious? Would you slam that book shut and cram it in the bookshelf for evermore, or would you be brave enough to peek? This very grumpy crocodile has ended up in totally the wrong book, so he proceeds to eat his way out, in this fantastic debut picture book. He tries to escape a storybook that is all wrong for him, but is great fun for the reader!


  • Nominated for the 2014 Greenaway Medal (UK) for outstanding illustrated book
  • Waterstones Children’s Book Prize – Picture Book 2014
  • Commended in the UK Literacy Assocation Award category for ages 3-6 in 2014