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10 Best Children’s Books About Death and Dying

Understanding and accepting dying and loss can be a difficult journey for children in the road to adulthood. Books are a rich and effective way for children and caregivers to find different ways to understand the very human feelings of sadness, confusion and loss that can confront us at these times . Whether it’s the […]

10 Best Children’s Books About Feelings and Emotions

One of the most challenging aspects of childhood is feeling strong emotions, and learning about how best to understand and manage those emotions. From the elation of feelings such as joy, excitement, anticipation, to the lows of frustration, anxiety and anger, many children's books that help kids to understand their feelings emphasise that emotions in [...]

10 Best Books for Helping Kids Sleep

Encouraging children to sleep ! It’s a conundrum for many parents. The child’s need for companionship, reassurance and – on the other side, sleep! – often work to prevent a seamless transition from a playful day to quiet slumbers. The prevalence of bedtime rituals the world over that involve bedtime stories is proof that books can […]