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Sue Clancy

Author of the month

Sue Clancy, an American artist, author, and illustrator who lives in Washington state is known for her whimsical, timeless, comforting, quirky and oddly cute art images and artist books often featuring animals.

Though she is the author/artist for more than 6 books and numerous fine art exhibits she is still very carefully supervised in her art studio by a miniature longhaired dachshund and a tabby cat.

Clancy loves to read, cook and play with words and pictures. You can see more about Clancy’s art here:

Selected book

This month’s most popular book

C’mon Smile Crocodile

Kurrum the Crocodile has really dirty teeth, and some baby birds are hungry! Might they come together to solve their problems?

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Prarthana Gururaj

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Prarthana Gururaj

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